Frequent Questions

How long does it take to receive funds?

In most cases, AVA will get you the money within 24 hours.

Do I have to factor all of my invoices?

No, you may factor only the invoices your business requires.

What if my client fails to pay AVA?

This depends on whether the factoring is recourse or non-recourse. In recourse factoring you will buy back the invoice after a certain period of time. In non-recourse factoring AVA will absorb the debt, at no cost to you.

How do I keep track of payments and invoices?

AVA offers a convenient, easy-to-use online account available 24/7 where you can keep track of all your outstanding invoices.

How will my clients know how to make payments to AVA?

We will inform your client about the redirection of the payments and provide further instructions. In most cases, your clients are already working with factoring companies and are familiar with how to proceed.

How is factoring different from forfeiting? From invoice discounting?

In forfeiting, a specific transaction is sold by the company. Meanwhile, invoice discounting involves borrowing money and using the invoice as a collateral. On the other hand, in factoring the invoice is sold.

How is factoring different from a bank loan? Why is it more beneficial?

To receive a loan, a bank will sift through your financial history and credit score. With factoring, the focus is on your clients, not you. You do not have to wait weeks or months for a loan approval, and in most cases your business receives the cash it needs within 24 hours. Better yet, factoring is not considered a loan, so there is no debt on your company’s balance sheets.

What if I have bad credit or have previously filed for bankruptcy?

You are still eligible for factoring. Remember, your clients are the ones making the payments, so the focus is on their credit-worthiness, not yours!

Will factoring leave a negative impression on my clients?

Absolutely not! Factoring is a $150 billion-a-year industry – it is a very simple and common method! In most cases, your clients are already working with factoring companies and are well-acquainted with the system.

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