How Does The Free Emergency Cash Line Work?

Problem: Factoring Isn’t Enough.

An increase in loads calls for an increase in cash flows.

It is true to say that factoring your invoices notably improves your cash flow position, however you may still occasionally require additional capital.

In a very common situation, a trucking company may face financial shortfalls when receivables are delayed, HST rebates come in later than expected, unfortunate accidents occur & unexpected truck repairs are needed, the price of gas spikes, etc. 

Nonetheless, your company still has financial obligations that are exceedingly time sensitive, such as insurance and plate renewals, driver pays, equipment lease payments, and fuel payments. 

You will have enough capital to cover these bills once your receivables balance out, however that’ll only be in a week or two.

The question is how do you pay for these time-sensitive bills right now?

Solution: Free Emergency Cash Line.

The Free Emergency Cash Line helps your company achieve its financial objectives. 

HOW? AVA Financial Group has developed a unique, no-fee approach that allows us to customize a solution, tailored to resolve your financial shortfalls. 

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